Casa Ventura
Jardin Botanique, 2012
Casa Ajijic, 2010

Tatiana Tatiana Bilbao

Tatiana Bilbao is born in Mexico in 1972. She graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana in 1996. Since then, she stands out as one of the most brilliant architects of her generation.


In 2004, she established Tatiana Bilbao SC, a multidisciplinary agency exploring urban and social crisis solutions, both in Mexico as abroad. In 2007, the agency was awarded by the Architectural Record?s Design Vanguard, as one of the ten emergent firms of the year. In 2009, Tatiana Bilbao received the Architectural League of New York?s Emerging Voices Award, and in 2012, honors from Art Prize of Berlin, Berliner Kunstpreis. Then in 2014, she received the prestigious Global Award for Sustainable Architecture from LOCUS. The agency?s projects are published in A+U, Domus, and in New York Times.


Since 2005, she teaches architecture and urban design in several universities including Andrés Bello University in Santiago, Chili, and Peter Behrens School of Architecture in Dusselldorf. Then in 2015, she integrated the selective club of Luis Kahn?s resarch chair visiting professors in Yale University New York. She especially created artist Gabriel Orozco?s house in 2008 in Mexico. Tatiana Bilbao?s architecture allies elegance, modernity and hand-craft, using ancestral techniques as beaten earth she blends with cement, for example in Ajijic house in 2010. Her work is in Centre Pompidou?s collection in Paris.

Solo Office KGDVS
Replay, Vincent Lamouroux

Contemporary and architecture space, Paris

Replay, Vincent Lamouroux