MOS Architects

MOS is an interdisciplinary practice engaging in architecture and design through an inclusive methodology of research, expansive collaboration and extensive experimentation. The work develops through research ranging from typology, digital production, structure, material, program and use, to larger networks of social, cultural, and environmental consideration. The scope of MOS' research constantly shifts and expands as each individual project has the potential to engage a unique set of parameters, specific to its condition. This process of ?radical inclusion? allows MOS to participate in design at different scales (from product design, to private residences, to cultural institutions to large scale urban infrastructure).

MOS is a flexible organization founded upon the idea of broad collaboration, lead by Michael Meredith and Hilary Sample. Imbued in each project is the imprint of a network of collaborators: artists, graphic designers, engineers, environmentalists, computer programmers, cost estimators, among others. This framework of research and collaboration creates parameters for inventive design, through which projects evolve through extensive experimentation and old fashioned problem solving. Within this collaborative structure utilizes primitive material construction of models and prototypes along with the latest technology and digital processes to internalize these diverse parameters into a unified architectural expression. The resulting work merges complex structural strategies and dynamic geometries, reconciling modern and vernacular building types and revealing new relationships between architecture and its surrounding condition.

Solo Office KGDVS
Replay, Vincent Lamouroux

Contemporary and architecture space, Paris

Replay, Vincent Lamouroux