SOLO Sou Fujimoto

 House of Geometric Forest 

Simply put, this house is like a geometric forest. Combining untreated wood in its natural form in an irregular lattice to create a loose boundary.  Natural breeze flows through the gaps, and strong summer sun is shielded by this loose lattice structure; between nature and artificiality.  A place both loosely protected and at the same time, thoroughly open. One is able to physically climb through this lattice, to the upper part of the structure is a space like a sky-terrace where one can find a place of refuge. Move through the space like climbing a tree. The gaps, or spaces between the lattice structure can be used as shelves, or a place for your favorite pot-plant. A place to live, can be re-written as a place filled with opportunities or cues where one can engage, it is also a place to harness and invite elements such as wind and sun to orchestrate a pleasant space. This Forest of lattice structure will be place for living which is new yet primitive.

SOLO Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen

Contemporary and architecture space, Paris