«In Solo Office we want to investigate how much you can take away from the idea of a 'house' and still make a proper place for living; to make a house that almost disappears.
The context was ideal for this endeavor, as the site is marvelous and imposing. The very idea of inhabiting the site seems to us an exercise in making as little house as possible, to be able to live in this beautiful piece of nature without constraints, without boundaries between the 'house' and the nature surrounding it.
The position of the house is exceptional: a plateau overlooking wilderness. For that reason Solo Office only underlines what is already there and puts emphasis on the perimeter of the plateau. The circular roof marks a protected promenade at the border of the plateau. The roof is carried by four sets of columns, each making a set of more or less protected living quarters. The roof itself works as a curtain rail. The outer facades are light weight screens that can be opened completely; thus shortcutting the already direct relationship between living and nature. The plateau itself is the primordial architecture of Solo Office. For that reason, the plateau is more or less left as it was, sparse but beautiful, only a water surface is carved out for the inhabitant's comfort.»

Kersten Geers et David Van Severen

Solo Office KGDVS
Los Carpinteros

Contemporary and architecture space, Paris

Los Carpinteros