Experience Architecture

In 2011, Eva Albarrán and Christian Bourdais created Solo Houses, Europe’s first architecture collection located on the edge of the Ports Natural Park in Matarraña, Aragon. Through Solo Houses, 12 international architectural firms have been invited to create secondary houses in a context where nature and architectural experience converse in a spectacular way. In 2018 they open Albarrán Bourdais in Madrid with the representation of internationally recognized artists and with the will to create synergies between art and architecture.


Against a 200-hectare natural backdrop of the majestic “Los Puertos de Beceite” natural park of the region of Matarrana in Spain, Solo Houses is a skillful blend of architecture, works of art and landscape paths designed especially for the site. Standing as the first collection of architecture in Europe, Solo Houses invites holidaymakers and visitors to take on an immersive artistic and architecture journey by staying at the Solo Hotel – the centerpiece of the Solo community and catalyst for all activities on the site – designed by the Chilean architect Smiljan Radic or one of the outstanding villas brilliantly thought by a New Garde of International young architects. Designed for both an individual and collective experience, Solo Houses favours the idea of a unique architectural experience combined with exclusive cultural activities covering art, cinema, nature, sport and cuisine, such as a site-specific landscape designed by Bas Smets and a cultural program curated by Hans Ulrich-Obrist for example.


As Solo Houses has not yet reach its definitive form, the on-going project currently welcomes two beautiful bespoke holiday homes designed by Pezo Von Ellrischausen and Office KGDVS out of the fifteen homes and one hotel planned to be built along the Solo journey.


Alone or in a group, with family or friends, Solo Houses is an unusual, stimulating and thought-provoking destination. Solo Houses is where architecture is experienced.