Solo Rintala Eggesrtsson

Using the shape of terrain to become a driving force in the design has given us a zig-zag shaped building volume consisting of three parts. First the entrance patio with a small circular pool, a sauna and an open fireplace in the middle, with the best view to both directions. Then the kitchen and the living room to the north including an open terrace at the end with a submerged firepit and seating. Finally, on the southern side of the patio, behind the sauna comes the bedroom wing with an outdoor terrace where one can enjoy the early mornings and the view over the mountain range in the south. The resulting geometry breaks the panoramic view into a series of sights with different angles, the one different from the other. As the building is relatively small in terms of overnight capacity, we have proposed an annex building below the lowest terrace for extra visitors if needed.

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